2013 Year In Summary

  • Phillip Peet
  • Phillip Peet

If you’re anything like me you would also be thinking where on earth did this year go? As Christmas is upon us once again I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank all of my amazing clients for your support on what has been another super busy past twelve months. I will be taking a small office break from Monday 23 December 2013 through to Monday 6 January 2014. During this time I will still be contactable via email phillip@philbossdesign.com.au for anything that requires urgent attention.

In summary 2013 brought plenty of headaches, late nights, lots of strong coffee but equally as much success. I managed to launch a total of nine websites [a few up on last year] including Sanctiond Australia, Slappa’s Thongs, Grand Hotel Bowral, Sydney Party Entertainment, Westbourne Constructions, John Carnohan, Engrave Me, iJact and Horizon Windows. Both the Slappa’s Thongs and Sanctiond Australia websites took over 4 months to complete as they were responsive designs [scalable for optimal mobile viewing] and ecommerce enabled [online purchasing]. The latter was recognised globally and nominated for a CSS Design Award.

With the assistance of Adam Wydeman, Charlies Garage and Simon Church, Temando we finally managed to get the Shack Homewares online shop off the ground. It took much longer than anticipated as we encountered a number of unforseen obstacles trying to deploy and test a live shipping rate calculator. In the end I think everyone involved were not only grateful but also relieved to see this go live !!

I continued working with the ever so gracious Janette Symonds from Squiggle Graphix. We teamed up together throughout the year to launch iJact, Shack Homewares [Online Shop], Westbourne Constructions and Slappa’s Thongs, amongst other things.

I formed a new partnership with Kellie McElhinney, Architectural Window Systems [AWS] as they looked to outsource their web development. Thus far I have assisted them with two fabricator projects Horizon Windows and Portland Aluminium Windows and I am looking forward to continuing working with them next year. In March my server underwent a major upgrade which I am sure many would agree resulted in much better website speeds, uptime, stability and security. Around the same time I also completed a ten week on the job training program with Boheem, a boutique graphic design agency based in Surry Hills.

In more recent times I have started to offer internships for “top shelf” TAFE students. This year I took on two creative graduates, Anthony Gulin and Anh Vu. Anthony assisted me with the iJact, Sanctiond Australia, Horizon Windows and Gaddy’s [launching soon] websites whilst Anh worked on both Engrave Me and Lavarch Productions [launching soon].

Looking forward to 2014 I am keen on doing more of the same.. working with awesome clients and creative people on innovative projects. I am very eager to redesign my own website but like everything it is just about finding the time. If I get a bit of downtime during January this will most definitely be on the cards.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and prosperous new year :)

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