Create a Stunning Single Page Website with Adobe Muse

21 November 2015
  • Phillip Peet
  • Phillip Peet

Since it’s inception Adobe Muse CC has been welcomed with open arms by wider graphic (print) design industry. Not only can you create websites without writing a single snippet of code, you can now do so in a vastly familiar (Adobe InDesign style) working environment. In addition Adobe Muse CC has functionality that supports mobile websites and the ability for you to upload to a free (Business Catalyst) or other hosting account.

This workshop is ideal for graphic designers alike who want to build a website without having to go through learning all the gruelling HTML/CSS code. It may also appeal to web designers who are interested in discovering what Adobe Muse has to offer as a non-coding alternative.

Spanning over 2 x 3hr sessions you will initially cover some basic web design principles. From there you will take a closer look at the features of Adobe Muse including the working environment, plan (sitemap), design and view modes, managing (master) pages, inserting content and images, creating dynamic menu systems, hyperlinking, forms, embedding maps/video and general formatting.


  • An understanding of basic web design terms and principles
  • A comprehensive introduction to Adobe Muse CC
  • An Adobe Muse single page portfolio website


Morning Session
1000-1030: Introduction/Overview
1030-1100: Web Development & Adobe Muse [Presentation]
1100-1130: An Overview [Working Environment]
1130-1300: Adobe Muse: Planning/Creating a Basic Desktop Website
Afternoon Session
1400-1430: Analyse, Plan & Prepare Website Build
1430-1500: Build Sections [Header, Navigation, Body, Footer]
1500-1530: Implement & Assign Custom Fonts
1530-1600: Insert & Format Widgets [Galleries, Form]
1600-1630: Create Mobile Variation
1630-1700: Upload to Host & Test

Enrolment Information

This workshop will be run at General Assembly in Sydney on Saturday 21 November 2015. To enrol or for more information please visit the official Create a Stunning Single Page Website with Adobe Muse page. Lunch is included in your ticket price.

Prerequisites & Preparation

Prior experience with Adobe applications such as InDesign and/or Photoshop is preferable however not essential. Before attending this workshop please ensure that you have

  1. A 30 day trial or registered version of Adobe Muse CC
  2. An Adobe Business Catalyst account

Download PDF Outline

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