HTML and CSS Bootcamp

Phillip PeetUX/UI/Web Designer

HTML and CSS are the fundamental building blocks of the web. Whether you’re a beginner who wants to get started in web development, a designer looking to hand-code their concepts, or a marketer who wants a little more control over their CMS, you’ll need to know HTML and CSS to get the job done.

This one day workshop is the quickest way to get started building websites. You will dive headfirst into HTML and CSS, skill up with code-along exercises, and by the end of the day, you’ll have a working web page to call your own.


  • An understanding of the Internet landscape and web development concepts
  • Learn the fundamentals of web development by diving into HTML and CSS
  • Understand how browsers work to interpret your code and present your website
  • Learn how to code a responsive web page from scratch


Morning Session
  • Internet concepts [Presentation]
  • HTML code-along [Activity 1]
  • HTML code-along [Activity 2]
  • CSS code-along [Activity 3]
Afternoon Session
  • Responsive design principles [Presentation]
  • Web Page Layout/Structure [Activity 4]
  • Web Page Design [Activity 5]
  • Unordered List Menu
  • jQuery for mobile menu systems

Enrolment Information

This bootcamp is be scheduled run at Sydney Community College in the near future.

Prerequisites & Preparation

This is an introductory level workshop so, therefore, no prior knowledge, experience or exposure to HTML/CSS code is required. Students should, however, be confident internet users with basic computer skills. Before attending this workshop please ensure that you have

  1. Brackets – open-source code editor installed
  2. Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome web browser

“Teacher was absolutely fantastic. Detailed explanation of not just how to code but the background knowledge that is really useful to know before learning the basics of coding. Ended up building my own website which was awesome. Instructor made it really easy to follow along and learn and you could really see his passion in the subject as well, which is always fantastic to see.”