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Wagon Wheel

The challenge

One thing I quickly discovered about the web development boot camp at LeWagon was that it was very intense. During the day, we had to complete multiple challenge tasks, followed by sets of flashcards. More often than not, I failed to get through all the challenges and fell behind, especially on my flashcards. I also found flashcards to be lengthy, arduous, and to put simply, boring.

Responsive App Game

The idea

Wagon Wheel is a gamified version of flashcards. Restructured into multiple choice answers, each game is live and interactive. Working on the theory a quick game is a good game, there is a time limit on each question. After the time limit expires, answers are locked, and participants can see who answered the question correctly and the fastest.

Game results and statistics


The clean and contemporary design provides a personalised and engaging user experience. One can upload an avatar (personal memoji), access previous results, and view rankings from their dashboard. They can also view statistical information such as most games won and questions answered correctly.


Live ladder


While the app had great intentions, I knew it would be challenging to keep users engaged without a sense of reward and accomplishment. Leaning on gamification principles, I incorporated an interactive ‘live’ ladder that reshuffled based on one’s total points (number of questions correctly answered). Additionally, and as an extra incentive, whoever wins gets to spin a mystery prize wheel.

Game Demo in Tablet

1st Street Financial

Brand revitalisation

Faced with a dated look and feel, we set out to give 1st Street Finance a distinctive edge. We started by defining a versatile set of brand colours. We then switched attention to type selection, general imagery, motion graphics, and other creative assets.

Build customer rapport

1st Street Financial is committed to providing a personalised service for its customers. We wanted to reflect this in the digital space. Therefore, we created an expansive staff section where you could view and access one’s profile. Each staff page includes a photo, bio, testimonials, and contact details.

User Interface

Taking out a mortgage can be a daunting and stressful process. With this in mind, we set out to provide a clear and informative platform. The new website is rich in content. It incorporates a curated lending section, in-depth news and insights, handy financing calculators, and a quick and easy way to reach out.

1st Street Financial Demo
Jeremy Fisher, 1st Street Financial

“Thanks heaps for all your hard work on the new website. Really happy with it!”

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Shack Homewares

Shack Furniture Creative Branding

Brand Strategy

In collaboration with Shack, the aim was to create a unique style that would help the brand stand out in a highly competitive retail market.

With this in mind, we produced a comprehensive style guide. This document was used to define typeface sets and arrangements, colour options, product photography, compositions, icon sets, buttons and form elements.

View Styleguide

Shack Furniture Brand Image

User Interface

The primary objective of the website redesign was to create a product-focused platform. We set out to achieve this by reducing background noise and delivering a structured layout.

With a collection of high-quality photos to work with, we opted to flood the home screen with image-based content. In some instances, images were accompanied by a solid block offset colour – a detail that resembled a collage.

Shack Furniture Website Redesign

User Experience

Traditional eCommerce websites incorporate shopping carts and checkouts to facilitate online purchasing. For this particular client, however, they didn’t want that. Their aim was to increase exposure and convert the online audience into in-store foot traffic.

To provide a positive user experience we wanted to reduce clicks and make it easy for visitors to discover products on both desktop and mobile. To facilitate this we implemented a flat sitemap structure placing furniture in categories, collections, and ranges.

Ensuring that the online experience was an interactive one we incorporated a wishlist. Unlike typical wishlists where you need to create an account, the wishlist on the Shack website is simple. Once products have been added to your list you can quickly and very easily email it to yourself.

Shack Furniture Creative Mobile Website

The Outcome

The new Shack website offers visitors a first-class experience of modern design. Using a combination of beautiful type, soft neutral colours and warm gold accents we were successfully able to recreate the in-store ambiance in the digital space.

Lance and Julia Shofer, Shack Homewares

“We love our new website and how it has all come together. As always it is an absolute pleasure working with you.”

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The Objective

Late in 2017 we were contacted and asked to help re-energise the emma website. The previous website lacked flow and direction. The audience reports were frustrating to navigate as they each loaded onto a separate page. The section to ‘apply for readership’ was difficult to locate not to mention that the form itself was rather lifeless. In turn, all these issues made for a very underwhelming user experience.

Clarity, Usability, and Management

We set out to make it as easy as possible for visitors to quickly view and download audience reports. Hence the new emma website houses all monthly data sets on a single page dating back to 2013. We didn’t stop there either. Under the hood, we also made a point of making it easy for our client to manage, maintain and publish content.

A premium experience, all round.

From desktop through to mobile, every facet of this digital platform has been designed with a focus on user experience. Subtle animations and clear call to actions entice visitor engagement.

Powered by WordPress this purpose-built site offers an immeasurable capacity for growth and expansion.

Charlie Murdoch, NewsMediaWorks

“Looks grand! We are already noticing much better brand engagement. An absolute pleasure doing work with you”

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My Choice

About MyChoice

MyChoice is an intuitive yet sophisticated home care planning tool that can be used on desktop, tablet and mobile. You can use the app to view and select from a range of home care services, spread your allocated budget by adding/removing options and adjust regularity and length of service(s) to suit your needs.

Markella Xerri, John Paul Village

“It was a pleasure doing business with you Phil. Your ability to turn our idea into a useful and engaging digital application was quite remarkable.”

VA Hire

The Strategy

For this project to be a success, we needed to enhance the integrity of the brand and reflect that in each customer ‘touchpoint’.

One of the areas that undisputedly needed work was the website. The previous website was extremely overwhelming. The browsing experience offered no satisfaction and the process of getting a quote was painfully disjointed.

Working closely with the VA Hire team we refined the purpose of the site strategically coming up with a new direction. This direction was not only to do the obvious, enhance the visual interface but to optimise the experience from enquiry through to hire and beyond.

Lights, camera, action!

From desktop through to mobile, every facet of this site has been designed to engage visitors through an informative user experience. Built on WordPress, the site provides a simplified yet immersive approach to obtaining a quotation for equipment hire.

Equipment can be discovered via the primary menu system or by using the predictive search feature. Each product page incorporates an innovative callback feature that caters to those less tech-savvy or time-poor customers.

Warren Day, VA Hire

“I think the new website design and functionality are on another level. We are already getting incredible feedback from clients who have stumbled upon it. Thank you, Phil, for doing such a great job.”

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The Lip Lab

The Outcome

Working collaboratively with our client we delivered a unique and sophisticated brand. This brand was used as the foundation for delivering a professional suite of stationery items including business cards, letterheads, with compliment slips, consultation cards, and gift vouchers. It also formed the basis for a premium range of lipstick/lip gloss packaging and a creative digital presence.

Janine Treacy, The Lip Lab

“We are thrilled to be working with you Phil, thank you for giving us our creative and unique branding.”

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