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A new platform that reflects Nerada Tea’s authenticity and core values

Located in the Atherton Tablelands in far North Queensland, Nerada Tea produces 1.5 million kilograms of black tea each year. They have been in operation since the 1960s with a mission to grow ‘Australia’s finest tea’.

In January 2018, we were presented with an opportunity to work with this client to help reinvigorate their digital presence. It was an opportunity we took with both hands.

The Objective

Working in conjunction with Mastermind Consulting the focus of this project was to deliver a platform that would reflect Nerada Tea’s authenticity and core values. We also set out to increase exposure and engagement with the brand, especially through social media channels.

The Result

Mastermind Consulting played a vital role in the initial design phase by reworking the Nerada Tea logo. Although the change was only minor – removing the rectangular background shape, it provided a far more versatile and adaptable alternative for digital devices. They also rediscovered the fonts and colour palette drawing inspiration from the plantation – something that was desperately missing from their previous website.

Using these assets we went on to design and launch a clean and aesthetically pleasing website. With noise and clutter minimised, customers are instantly immersed in curated content that tells a story of Nerada Tea’s history and products.

One of the more challenging yet creative parts of this build was the history page. This page features an interactive journey like experience where content is revealed as you scroll down the page. A somewhat similar approach was used for both the making tea and tea glossary sections.

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John Russell, Nerada Tea

“The new Nerada Tea website has brought tears to my eyes. We absolutely love it!”

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