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A live and interactive gamified app for education purposes

Wagon Wheel is a web application I designed for my major project at LeWagon. It was purpose-built for the college and intended to take the pain out of having to answer masses of short answer questions (aka flashcards) at the end of each day.

The challenge

One thing I quickly discovered about the web development boot camp at LeWagon was that it was very intense. During the day, we had to complete multiple challenge tasks, followed by sets of flashcards. More often than not, I failed to get through all the challenges and fell behind, especially on my flashcards. I also found flashcards to be lengthy, arduous, and to put simply, boring.

Responsive App Game

The idea

Wagon Wheel is a gamified version of flashcards. Restructured into multiple choice answers, each game is live and interactive. Working on the theory a quick game is a good game, there is a time limit on each question. After the time limit expires, answers are locked, and participants can see who answered the question correctly and the fastest.

Game results and statistics


The clean and contemporary design provides a personalised and engaging user experience. One can upload an avatar (personal memoji), access previous results, and view rankings from their dashboard. They can also view statistical information such as most games won and questions answered correctly.


Live ladder


While the app had great intentions, I knew it would be challenging to keep users engaged without a sense of reward and accomplishment. Leaning on gamification principles, I incorporated an interactive ‘live’ ladder that reshuffled based on one’s total points (number of questions correctly answered). Additionally, and as an extra incentive, whoever wins gets to spin a mystery prize wheel.

Game Demo in Tablet
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First choice branding for 1st Street Finance

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